Letter to My Elders in Islam (P/B)


As a 1993 convert to Islam, Dr. Dirks uses an informal letter-writing format to raise a number of important issues. The topics covered are varied, both in style and content. Some letters are light, humorous, and tongue-in-cheek, while others are of the utmost seriousness (e.g., so-called honor killings, spousal abuse, and terrorism). While a firm believer in Islam, the author does not hesitate to cast a jaundiced eye from time to time at the faults, foibles, and shortcomings of the Muslim community in America and around the world. Other topics include Islamic education, politics, world affairs, and the sociology and psychology of being a Muslim in America. Addressed primarily to Muslims living in America, the book should also be of considerable interest to anyone who is interested in Islam or in the Muslim presence in America.

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