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1) Muharramat (Forbidden Matters Some People Take Lightly) : Some Muslims who are either ignorant or of weak faith still commit many acts which Allah never allowed. Ignorance is not an excuse for doing something wrong or illegal, hence it is important to make an effort to learn what these muharramât or forbidden acts are, in order to avoid ever committing them. The author, Shaykh Muhammad Sâlih al-Munajjid, explains many of the forbidden acts that have to do with calling on human beings and things other than Allah, worshipping the dead and circumambulating their graves, invoking prophets and the dead, magic, fortune-telling, believing in the power of astrologists and planets and other acts that go against the Islamic creed of monotheism (tawheed). As such, this book of prohibitions regarding beliefs and acts of worship is a helpful resource for Muslims, if they are really practicing Islam and want to avoid committing great sins.

2) The Freedom of Opinion in Islam : In this short but important treatise, Shaykh ‘Abdus-Salâm al-Basyoni weighs in on the ongoing global discourse about freedom of expression. He reviews the history of freedom of opinion in the West and compares that with how Islam approaches the issue. He examines the arguments in favour of unrestricted freedom of expression in light of some actual consequences. Shaykh al-Basyoni demonstrates that the freedom to express one’s opinion is a fundamental right that is respected and protected by Islamic law. He argues that this right is embedded in the laws and principles of Islam, and shows how crucial limitations placed upon freedom of opinion work to protect the rights of individuals, their privacy, their property and their honour, as well as to preserve the sanctity of human life and the security of human societies.

3) Having Fun the Halal Way: Entertainment in Islam : Can Muslims have fun? Does it ever seem to you that entertainment and Islam don’t go together? Can there be anything like ‘halal fun’ and ‘halal entertainment’? In this authentic Islamic book, ‘Having Fun the Halal Way: Entertainment in Islam’, by Ismail Kamdar, the author explores the Islamic guidelines on entertainment and advocates a balanced approach to this topic. This Islamic book about entertainment suggests handy Sharia-compliant ways to have fun in one’s daily life.

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Abdus-Salam al-Basuni, Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar, Muhammad Salih al-Munajjid