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Motivational Moments II


Motivational Moments brings you a compilation of 500 of the best quotes by Mufti Menk; the most popular quotes liked or shared by YOU, from his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

His empowering words instil hope and patience in people across the globe daily. They have been translated into many languages.

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Teach Yourself MP3 Complete Arabic Step by Step A1-A2


Arabic Books – Arabic World – Arts & Crafts, Decoration – Biographies – Calligraphy – Children – Clothing – Companions – Computer – Cooking – Courses & Lectures – Culture & Leisure – Dictionaries – Dogma (‘Aqeedah) – Dreams interpretation – Economy – Education – Educational – Electronics – Ethics – Exhortation – Fast (Ramadan) – Geopolitics – Gift Ideas – Hadith – Halal Food – Health & Dietetics – History – Holy Quran Stories – Introduction to Islam – Invocations – Islam & Science – Islam & secularity – Islam and Modernity- Islamic songs – Jurisprudence – Learning Arabic – Learning English – Learning French – Literature & Poetry – Magazines – Marriage – Miscellaneous – Mystic and Sufism – Names- Natural Beauty Care – Other Religions – Paradise – Hell – Dead – Philosophy – Pilgrimage & Umrah – Propagation (Da’wah) – Prophet Life – Prophets – Quran Sciences – Quran Tafseer – Religious practice – Roqya & Protection – Sciences of Hadith – Society – Spirituality – Strories – Sunnah – Tajweed (Rules) – Tamazight Culture – The Holy Quran – The West and Islam – Tourism – Understanding Islam – Ussul Al-Fiqh – Various Accessories – Well-Being – Woman – Youth – Zakat & Charity



REMINDER ” This item is restricted, it means that it is allowed to be ship international only”


  • 10 copies /carton
  • Colours are random and mixed

  • A healthy tone of simplicity, accuracy and spiritually prevails.
  • Skilful blending of literal meanings and its relevant interpretations.
  • The emphasis was laid on the context and its meaning.
  • References to al-Hadith were also given to ensure authenticity.
  • The recent scientific discoveries were also included in it wherever relevant.
  • Following the way of the People of the Sunnah and the Jama’ah in the explanation and exposition,
  • Employ expressions that are commonly used and easy to understand.
  • Avoided difficult phrases and explications that may burden the non-Arab-speaking readers.
  • Includes authentic reasons of the revelation of the verses of the Holy Quran.
The Easy Qur’an translation reviewed and approved by the Ministry of Information Saudi Arabia and Religious affairs Ministry Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
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The Introduction of Ibn Khaldoun


This introduction was considered as a separate book, taking a form of an encyclopedia, talking about a field of knowledge of legalization, history, geography, economy, social, politic and medicine.

Treasures from the Noble Qur’an (Tafsir of Select Verses from the Mighty Book)


The following is an explanation of some verses from the Mighty Book of Allāh. I wrote it because, while reciting the Noble Qur’ān, I pass by some verses and some of the treasures therein come to mind; thus, I wanted to illustrate those treasures. This goal was achieved—and all praises belong to Allāh—with the writing of this book; and while editing the book, I thought to write concerning some other verses as well.

This book contains speech on verses from chapters in the Qur’ān—all of the suwar which appear before al-Mufaṣṣal. Most of the verses cover one topic in that particular sūrah, and sometimes more than one topic is discussed in that sūrāh. As for al-Mufaṣṣal—which begins with Sūrah Qāf—the topics cover a range of 15 various subjects. I derived benefit in what I wrote from the books of tafsīr by Ibn Jarīr, al-Qurṭubī, Ibn Kathīr, ash-Shawkānī, and ash-Shinqīṭī (may Allāh have mercy upon them).

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