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( E-Book) A Child Reads (Successful Family Upbringing Series-06)


Let me say, with full conviction, that there is no chance for us, nor for any nation, to occupy a respectable place among the advanced nations without raising our cultural awareness – we are living in the age of knowledge, and we cannot do without information and books. Therefore, raising children who are really fond of reading is our first and foremost challenge – and it will take all our commitment to succeed there. Having this in mind I propose to tackle this issue in a book; and, as in the previous volumes in the series, I try to come upon solutions for the difficult dilemma – giving special attention to being true to the requirements of accuracy and reliability; maintaing, at the same time, an accessible and smooth reading. In which I hope to bring these concepts within the comprehension of a wide readership as possible.

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( E-Book) Al-Adab Al-Mufrad


This book deals exclusively with the subject of moral etiquette in Islam, focusing on the customs and traditions of the early Muslims.

Al Adab Al Mufrad is Imam al-Bukhari’s second most well known work, which contains 644 sections with 1322 ahaadith and narrations from the pious predecessors. It comprises benefits from the daily life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), his companions, and the early Muslims.

You may expect a fascinating insight into how one should behave as practiced by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), his companions, and the Aimmah of the Tabi’in from the following generation. It tackles a variety of issues; from dealing with specific family members, to how to write letters, as well as how to go shopping, or even on how to walk properly. The unique depth and importance of this book makes it an undeniable classic, covering all areas of life. One would become a model citizen for others by following this true guidance and adapting these great characters.

Al Adab Al Mufrad deserves the most attention after the book Sahih Al Bukhari by the one who seeks to follow the sunnah of beloved Prophet (PBUH).

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( E-Book) Child Upbringing (Successful Family Upbringing Series-02)


It is noteworthy that there exist today, many educational books of good value as well as inferior ones; a fact that has caused many people to be confused in the choice of books to enrich their ability to train their children wisely and successfully.

One the other hand, the list of needs that are considered necessary for education has now expanded very greatly. And we know well that when things considered to be crucial needs have reached a hundred or two, one naturally feels a weakness to confront the challenge of providing them; which may even cause one to turn away partly or completely.

From this standpoint, my thoughts have been arrested by the need for me to discuss the master key in interacting with young people and training them, which is the mother. Perhaps by this, I will help my reader to possess and expand his latitude in understanding the psychology of child upbringing and methodology.

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( E-Book) Children’s Problems (Successful Family Upbringing Series-05)


Ridding children of their psychological disorders, altering their behavior, and changing their habits are complex matters – and they are so in view of the wide differences between children with regard to their responding to the same therapy; we educators are also diverse with regard to our culture and situations. From this we go on to say that educational guidance can work well with a certain child, but not with another. I am often consulted about children’s problems, and I do give my advice: but I am sometimes surprised to hear that the inquirer has actually tried the same method I was suggesting, not only once, but frequently: some say that their child’s condition actually deteriorated rather than improved after applying the recommended method. Therefore, it is crucial that we have more than one approach in store for dealing with any problem; for we may need to try all the methods to help the child get rid of his/her trouble, from which they suffer, and maybe the family suffers as well.

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( E-Book) Home Trajectory (Successful Family Upbringing Series-01)


Endangering the smooth running of its affairs, in relation to its vision, moral values, conducts, inter-relationship, and interests. It is believed that clear apprehension of the drifts and trajectories along which a family should tread would provide the uttermost and worthwhile rectitude and success expected of a Muslim family, as it would also provide an appreciable and remarkable definition for the methodologies and techniques that are necessary for parents to adopt in their children’s upbringing.

It would be noticed that we, individual families and societies, are faced with the problem of how to relate with the overwhelming modern cultures that have been vigorously streamed on us from all nooks and crannies of the world. Moreover, in reality this problem is no more of relationship or management, the effect of those alien cultures has grown to being capable of causing a lot differences among people in our community, in relation to their manners, general practices and traditions, which are the main points of contest.

Also, Muslims generally are faced with the problem of illiteracy, poverty, and unemployment. Even among those who work, a large percentage of them engage in hard corporal jobs.

Consequently, all these have affected the level of attention the parents pay to their families, in terms of planning their family lives and projecting for the upbringing and future of their children. This makes it necessary for us to continue to discuss and write on the matter of child upbringing, as that is the only way out for us. And this is the aim of writing this book.

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( E-Book) Stop Worrying & Start Living


This book seeks to guide and make ease to the grieving and despondent souls who are in a quagmire of vexation in a manner that varies from other typical motivational books that discusses on worry, sadness and grief; and from those which discuss fortune (or success). It addresses to the endogenous core of the heart and soul, correlating it with Faith, showing and making distinct of what the aspects of Faith has to do with a person’s well-being. It removes the obscurities and perplexities that binds the heart and soul of many of the children of Islam. Those whom Shaytan invites to wretchedness, sin, despair, grief and hopelessness in the Mercy of Allah.

Abdullah bin Sa’eed Safar Al-Husnee Az-Zahranee captures 40 ways to dispel and eradicate sorrow and grief and to gain a happy and pleasant living. It explains how you adjust in difficult situations so that you hand out to us from it flower, rose and jasmine!

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( E-Book) The Adolescents (Successful Family Upbringing Series-04)


The present volume of our series deals with adolescence and adolescents. It is true that much of what applies to a five-year-old applies to a fifteen-year-old, but it is equally true that adolescence does involve some real difficulties that are unique to this stage. It is as if an adolescent is passing through a violent storm that needs special training and skill on the part of the adults around him/her.

An adolescent is a child that is approximating or has gone beyond puberty. More specifically, adolescence covers three sub-stages: early-, middle-, and late-adolescence. Early adolescence starts at twelve or thirteen; middle adolescence starts at fifteen or sixteen; and late adolescence lasts until twenty one or twenty two. After this, an individual is a young adult. You can say that adolescence parallels three educational stages: middle school, secondary school, and college.

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(E-Book ) Heart Therapy


anxiety, and loneliness are common problems today. Envy, greed, and materialism invade our hearts and poison our relationships and lives. Racism, warfare, and economic deprivation—the symptoms of a greater spiritual weakness—are destroying our world. What is the solution to all of these problems? We need a spiritual awakening, a healing of the hearts that can heal the world. We need to rediscover our iman.

This book attempts to revive authentic Islamic spirituality—based on the Quran and Sunnah—by collecting and explaining forty hadiths on the diseases of the heart and the purification of the soul. It is a book of tazkiyah, a self-help book, and a project for changing your life and increasing your iman. In it, you’ll find practical advice on how to cleanse your heart and bring change into your life. If we fix our hearts, we can fix the rest of our lives.

Read this book with the goal of changing your life and the world around you. If you are going to counselling, are struggling with issues that no one knows about, or simply long for a more spiritual life, this book may help you. Believe that Allah will aid you, ask Him for help, and He surely will.

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(E-Book ) prophet-muhammad .. The Hallmark of Leadership



This book synthesizes advanced knowledge in modern leadership science with leadership examples of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the history of the generation of his Companions. The approach this book follows is to start with a known modern leadership reference model that is well documented.

It then collects and collates evidence from Hadith  (a collection of traditions containing sayings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)) and Seerah (the life, history, behaviour and habits of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)) based upon the classifications of the model.

The book also examines how the Prophet exercised leadership and made inductively inferences on exemplary leadership behaviours.

This book will help the readers become better leaders at a personal level and also help them provide better leadership for the Muslim community.

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(E-Book) 30 Hadith For Young Muslims


30 Hadith for Young Muslims aims to educate children from their tender age with the sayings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in a fun, colorful, and simplified modern approach.

Unique features such as lessons, discussion corners, and activities make it an ideal teaching tool for parents, teachers and educational institutions.

Its creative presentation invites readers to grasp the knowledge of the noble hadith and apply them in their lives.

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(E-Book) 30 Ways To Attain Happiness (3rd Edition)


This great book is guidance for all especially the Muslims society in our daily life as it presents the ways of dealing with the daily life cycle, accepting the pasts and bracing for tomorrows based on the teaching of the Qur’an and Sunnah

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(E-Book) A Gift for a Muslim Bride


This book, truthfully, is an ideal gift to Muslim sisters (brides) and women in general, as it mainly deals with the concerned affairs of the marital life according to the Qur’an and Sunnah; touching upon topics like the excellence of a righteous wife, her attributes and duties to her husband.

It also contains stories of exemplary women, advices and other preciuos parting advices as a light of guidance. By practicing them, a home can become a garden of Jannah (Paradise).

This edition in hand has been improved and revised, with authenticated sayings and references for readers to gain beneficial insight into maintaining a beautiful marital life.


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