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Are We Muslims

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Astrophysics & The Holy Quran (H/B)

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Cupping Therapy The Ancient Art of Healing Pocket Size (P/B)

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Halal Branding

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Islam the Misunderstood Religion (P/B)

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Islamic Civilisation and The Modern World (P/B)

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Islamic Thought: An Approach to Reform

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Islamic Verdicts on Medicine & Cosmetic Surgery

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It’s Not Who You think

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Man & The Universe An Islamic Perspective

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Might Over Right (P/B)

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Muslim Civilization The Causes of Decline and the Need for Reform (P/B)

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Purity of Faith (P/B)

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Reclaiming Jihad : A Qur’anic Critique of Terrorism

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Religion Extremism (H/B)

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Scientific Miracles In The Oceans And Animals

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Scientific Precision In The Sunnah

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Scientific Signs In Prohibiting Flesh of Swine (P/B)

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Scientific Wonders on the Earth and in Space (H/B)

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Sex and Sex Education: What do Well Tell Our Children?

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Signs on the Earth : Islam, Modernity and the Climate Crisis

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The Inimitable & Physical Sciences

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The Islamic Worldview, Ethics and Civilization: Issues in Contemporary Interdisciplinary Discourse (P/B)

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The Problem Of Corruption (P/B)

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